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Headline optics is an all-volunteer startup with the goal to fight back against the sustained assault against American minds and culture for generations.  We are DONE with being told what to think and how to think.  The political Left – MANY Republicans and clearly ALL Democrats, have become masters of linguistic jujitsu; the art of phrasing political initiatives to appear in one light when in fact their true objective is the COMPLETE OPPOSITE.

The political class and their accomplices in the Establishment/Mainstream Media (MSM) have ensured that those who are forced to fund the demise of their future are also forced to work tirelessly nearly half the year just to satisfy the financial lust of the political class. And because of this, the working class no longer has the time and energy to do the true due diligence necessary to understand the assault on their life, wealth, and culture.



Have Americans given up on America? It’s possible, but we’re betting most Americans are simply too busy to seek out the truth, and those tasked with finding the truth and reporting on it are compromised all throughout the world.

Headline Optics is spearheaded by pro-American activists who have spent decades on the front lines of this fight for the soul of America. We have a profound understanding of how the Left in America is deceiving the citizenry, and we’ve developed the tools to repackage their propaganda into the TRUTH and deliver it to Americans in the easiest way for them to digest it: By microblogging (akin to tweeting a tweet on Twitter) and editorializing the headlines of the Establishment Media to prove they are simply propaganda.

We do this by creating editorialized headlines in a single location (a state specific or topic-based news aggregation site similar to the Drudge Report) so readers do not have to seek this information out from multiple sources. We do this in such a way that Americans with little time to do the research necessary to understand what is happening to them, their children, and their country, can be easily found, digested, and understood.

On one side of the coin, our microblogging mechanism is executed by editorializing Establishment headlines and refashioning them into a message about the real motive behind whatever effort is being pushed by the Left. We then link to the originating news source so that readers can make their own decision about the veracity of each headline; is the Establishment/MSM headline the truth or is the Headline Optics news aggregation site more accurate?

By doing this, we cut with a double edged sword: First, we expose the Establishment/MSM for the propaganda outlets they are, AND we expose the truth behind the Left’s efforts to destroy our country by the way they covertly smear capitalism and American culture.

On the other side of the coin, our microblogging mechanism lifts up and promotes the good-government efforts of liberty-focused organizations and efforts in your state. Being a Headline Optics editor empowers you to make heroes of those few patriots in your state working tirelessly to uphold American values, our freedoms, and our obvious natural rights. We fail today because no other news media outlet is willing to do this, so we MUST.

Effective ~ Easy ~ Needed ~ Without Big-Tech Roadblocks

Prove it.

If the Establishment media is brainwashing the public by telling half truths about what is truly happening in America today, and those leading the Headline Optics effort have spent decades fighting on the front lines, prove it by giving examples of how Americans have been fooled.


Establishment Propaganda, “They Say . . .”The Reality, “They Really Mean . . .”
“Affordable housing . . .”“Pay the property taxes of your neighbor housing . . .”
“Affordable housing . . .”“Mixed use, high density housing in EVERY neighborhood, whether your zoning laws allow it or not . . .”
“Inclusion”“Disregard Objectivity”
“Anti-Racism” [Ironically] “Racism”
“Gun Control”“Citizen Disarmament”

This list is only a tiny fraction of the way the Establishment media tricks Americans into believing what they are reporting [and in reality advocating in favor] is something American citizens would be willing to accept, when in fact if the headline was positioned truthfully we would not. This is why we call it propaganda, because that is THE TRUTH.

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The Current Status of the Headline Optics Effort

Today, Headline Optics has seven editorialized news aggregation websites: The Rhody Report [Rhode Island], the Oklahoma Digest, the MassPolicyReport [Massachusetts], the GraniteReport [New Hampshire], California Has Fallen, Floridian Report, and the Second Amendment Digest.