Resources to Bring Awareness of Headline Optics Efforts in Your State

The success of the Headline Optics websites equals success for all good-government efforts across America. Today, news consumers are inundated with messages from a multitude of disjointed sources, and few have the time to visit the many publications in their local area to seek out the news they want. Often, when a news consumer does this, they seldom have the time to read much more than the headlines and a few sentences before they are off to find another source, with another article they may or may not want to read so they can fit their desire for news in the short time they have to dedicate to it.

The worst part? The headlines and few sentences a news consumer reads every day are very likely intended to convince them something that is happening is good when in fact it is not.

Many news consumers have known this for a generation. The Establishment/Mainstream media (MSM) is quite skilled at putting lipstick on the pigs that are corralled around them to take your earnings, rights, and freedoms away, while lining the pockets of their friends and cronies.

Headline Optics is putting an end to this, but we need the help of those who already have a network in their state that will see value in a bullhorn poised to bring awareness of their good-government efforts.

The more people know of the various Headline Optics news aggregation sites in their state, the more EVERY effort to preserve the American Dream and the blessings of liberty is known to the masses.

Our efforts are YOUR efforts.

Below are a letter, various banner ads, and one-liners that will help you bring awareness of the news aggregation website in your state. As more states come onboard, we will add more resources:

  1. An email blast template suggestion to send to your base:


Dear Patriot,

We’ve stumbled upon a website we believe you will find very valuable. If you enjoy checking news aggregation websites such as the Bongino Report and the [now more Leftist] Drudge Report every day for the news and information you need to stay abreast of the most relevant and important news nationally, someone is doing the same for us here in [your state here].

As many of you know, social media and the local news outlets do not report on the news that is most important to those fighting to preserve the American Way here in [your state here]. Being either predominantly propaganda outlets, or in the case of social media, using their platforms to stifle and often eliminate voices of opposition to the political class, curating the most important news and headlines is a huge challenge. This is especially true for those of us working tirelessly to make ends meet for our families while having to pay the taxes that line the politicians’ pockets and their cronies at the State House.

We’ve been closely watching the new [website here], and it appears to be an effort by some in [your state here] that understands this challenge. They are taking the time and effort to comb through the news multiple times a day and extracting the real message behind the local news. We strongly encourage our followers to bookmark this page, check it regularly, and support them in any way you can.

You can also follow them on Twitter here [add or embed link].

  1. Ways to easily communicate the value proposition of the various Headline Optics’ websites:

“[Website name here, e.g. Oklahoma Digest, Rhody Report, etc.]: The editorialized headlines the Establishment media and politicians hope you NEVER notice.”

“All the current news and information you need in one location, updated in near real time, with the headlines that strike at the heart of the issues that affect you today.”

“[Website here], pithy responses to the mainstream media/Establishment propaganda.”

“[Website here], learn how your country is being attacked, one headline at a time.”

“[Website here], save time and energy seeking the news you need, with headlines that inform and empower.”

“[Website here], every topic that is important to you, when you need it.”

  1. Banner ads that are open source and free to use (simply right click on the image and copy or download it to your computer):

Oklahoma Digest:

Rhody Report (Rhode Island):

Granite Report (New Hampshire):

MassPolicyReport (Massachusetts):