Why Do News Aggregation Websites Drive So Much Traffic?

In the past, knowledge and facts were a prized possession.  For example, if someone wished to know the population of every major city and town in the world, one would need to visit a library for hours, more likely days, read through hundreds of pages of information, take notes, formulate a valid conclusion, and present that information in an essay or thesis.  A lot of time and effort for knowledge that only those willing to do the work could possess.

How has this changed today?  If one wants to know the population of every major city and town in the world in age of the internet, they simply Google it.  Such information is no longer valuable, it is a cheap commodity that can be discovered in seconds.

Today, people do not value information as they had in the past because all day, every day, people are bombarded with messages and information.  In response to this, we tend to value the filters that only allow through the information we want. 

This is why news aggregation websites have done so well. People simply do not have the time to login online and go to and from the myriad of publications offering news today and seek out the few articles that interest them. News aggregation websites are a very high value to news consumers because they can simply go to one website and see all the top headlines they want to see, quickly and efficiently.

The tools developed by the team at Headline Optics offer near real-time updates of all the news sources across the country, including blogs . . . indexed and directed to the relevant geographic markets, then to your phone for approval, rejection, and/or editorialization. We also rank the headlines so that only the topics you deem relevant are sent for your approval.

Yes, we make it easy to change the world.