We Need You

Do you find that no matter how hard you try, you just cannot stop attempting to save the world by debating any and all important issues on social media?

Are you a former tea party activist looking for a way to make a difference without the never ending (and often pointless) rallies?

Have you been dumped from Facebook or Instagram, or have an activist page you’ve dedicated hours to build on a social media forum and found the interaction and membership in the page or group stopped or slowed to a snail’s pace?

Are you truly inspired by the efforts of Elon Musk to bring back free speech to the public square?

Do you often send out emails and forward content from activist organizations in hopes that your friends and family will find the time to read them, while also keeping your fingers crossed the emails do not end up in everyone’s spam folders?

Have you ever felt that the harder you try to be a successful activist, the world works twice as hard to stop you?

If you answered yes to all or even some of these questions, the Headline Optics effort is your light at the end of the tunnel.

Headline Optics Editors Enjoy:

  • An opportunity to supply the HUGE latent demand in the conservative news industry for a platform that will promote their efforts
    • In other words: BECOME A HERO TO THE PRO-AMERICA, PRO-EQALITY UNDER THE LAW, PRO-LIBERTY PUBLICATIONS & EFFORTS IN YOUR STATE! If you’ve been an activist, you know how truly frustrating it is when you can activate hundreds of people in your city or town to mobilize against an anti-parent, anti-property rights, or anti-self defense effort, and then you and others do all the effort to facilitate change only to realize none of the other 99.9% of the people affected will ever know about it due to DELIBERATE media silence.

      Why? The Establishment media will not report on your efforts because THEY KNOW if they were to do so, your efforts would succeed. Regardless, we work day and night, tirelessly in hopes that somehow the masses will notice our efforts, and the fact that their rights being whittled away.

      Unfortunately, we all know all too well the result: A burnt-out, failed, and demoralized pack of patriots. Well, we say NO MORE.

      The pro-America movement needs a bullhorn:  BE that bullhorn and hero to all of your friends in the liberty movement in your state.

  • An app that makes culling, approving and editorializing headlines effortless, and also updates your website with no technical, web, or coding knowledge needed AT ALL.

  • A “Hostile Takeover” of a Seat at the Table
    • The dirty secret of news editors is the power they enjoy over the FORMATION of news. A news editor has the power to bring the equivalent of tens of thousands of dollars worth of advertising for FREE to an activist movement simply by publishing efforts in their publication. The same is true in reverse: NOT bringing awareness of an effort, or editorializing an effort in a negative light can render it DOA.

      For example, let’s say your Republican representative decides to go RINO and support a “gun control” law. You now have the power to editorialize a headline that reads, “Rep. John Doe goes full stupid by supporting citizen disarmament law.”

      In another instance, you may encounter a local effort to bring masks back into the classroom. Although the people behind this effort may have their heart in the right place, you feel this is the wrong decision. Therefore, you may not want to publish and editorialized headline besmirching their efforts but instead just not publish anything about their efforts at all ensuring their reach is as limited as possible.

      Headline Optics editors enjoy both the carrot and the STICK.

  • A Headline Optics publication that is not your father’s news publication.
    • Is someone acting like a moron and want to say it? Go ahead, say it.
    • Believe a certain politician is a racists and want to say it? Say it.
    • Want to make the point that the founders of Black Lives’ Matter admitted they are “trained Marxists” with every headline you editorialize about BLM? Go for it.

      The leadership of Headline Optics believes strongly we lose because we are afraid to speak the truth to power in terms that leave little to the imagination. If it is true, you are empowered to say it. Free speech reigns at Headline Optics.

      IMPORTANT NOTE: It is important at this point to underscore that YOU are responsible for what you write. Politicians are almost 100% fair game in regard to what you can and cannot say about them (nevertheless, you will get bounced from Headline Optics for lying about ANYONE).

      Although this is true about politicians, it is NOT true about private citizens, which politicians become when the lose or retire. You are not shielded from liable and slander laws simply be virtue of editing a news aggregation website.

  • A wholly opt-in environment
    • This means the people who follow your news aggregation website on social media and visit your website CHOOSE to see your microblogged, editorialized headlines. You never have to be concerned about annoying your friends and family with emails they see as spam or posts they do not wish to read on social media.

  • ZERO algorithms tapping down your visibility online
    • Especially with the acquisition of Twitter by Elon Musk, the public square is now open. Headline Optics websites automatically publish your editorialized headlines to Twitter, Telegram, and [if you want to bother trying] Facebook. No need to copy and paste content taking hours a day. We also encourage our followers to bookmark our news aggregation sites, many even make it their startup/home pages for their browsers. This means Google CANNOT use their deceptive algorithms to stop our efforts.

  • A venue that is IMPOSSIBLE to shadow ban
    • Because our sites to not rely on search engine optimization or platforms like Facebook and Twitter to exist (although we do use them to bring awareness), the vast majority of our web traffic comes from those who make visiting out websites every day for the news and information they’d have to spend hours to find if it wasn’t already placed on our website. Our strategy is adding value and knowledge every day to our readers, that’s it. And NO tech giant can stop us.

The bottom line is that we are offering good-government activists in every state a means of becoming heroes to every effort to thwart the Leftist attacks on the American Dream and values, while also exposing the Establishment media/MSM for what they are: Government propaganda outlets.

Apply to become an editor TODAY or email us with any questions you have.

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